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this is my personal tumblr. i will post fanart(not mines though, unless i say otherwise), my political opinions and more.
Lets talk about Po for a minute.


This is Po from Kung Fu Panda.image

He is literally an overweightimage


Who works at a fast food restaurantimage

With the worst luckimage


And yet becomes


This badassimage

Dragon Warrior

Who still actsimage



Who still hates hikingimage

And stairsimage

He uses his fatimage

To his advantageimage

And doesn’t let image

His tragic pastimage

Define himimage

This has been a Po appreciation post.

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i don't know about you, but most of the people who are like "white people don't know what's racist/what's offensive!!" are usually.. white people. i mean, i've seen black people say it too, but on tumblr it's usually the dumb white people. which is weird, because with all that privilege they think they have, surely they could get an excellent education to get rid of all that stupid in their heads?








That’s true, actually. White guilt seems to be a very common thing on this website, which is unfortunate.


>Implying I’m an Uncle Tom 

Get a better argument and maybe I’ll take either of you more seriously, because If that’s all you’ve got then you’re going to have to try harder.

I don’t need one. A black person who only defends white people is a waste of space.

"Only defends white people"

Your bitterness seems to have clouded your judgement. The funny thing is your definition of racism also hurts ethnic minorities, not just white people. And I seem to have a lot of minority followers, so I can imagine they’d have a few choice words for you as well.

If all you have to say is “I’m a waste of space” then you are only making yourself look exceedingly ignorant. You say “defending white people” like it’s the worst thing on the planet, like they aren’t human beings who have just as much right to be defended as everyone else. Ever heard the phrase “remove the plank from your eye before you point out the speck in someone else’s”? Yeah, you need to do a lot of that.

"black person disagrees with me, guess they’re upholding white supremacy and they’re an uncle tom ass nigga."

what type of basic fuck shit is this? and for the love of fucking jesus cristo, CAN WE STOP CALLING OTHER BLACK PEOPLE UNCLE TOMS.

It’s incredible, isn’t it? For someone that seems to be so vehemently against racism she seems to be perpetuating a lot of it herself.

All because I said non-white people can be racist. 

Eh, cognitive dissonance can be a painful thing, especially when one realizes what an absolutely ridiculous asshole they are. Denial and blaming others is just so much easier.

the newest chapter to my reader insert fic